Once I was walking down Cabildo Avenue , I was thirteen years old approximately , when I saw in a motorbike's workshop , an strange vehicle with two wheels , a four cylinder engine , almost pure motor and made by Gilera , I was amazed .



Years later I bought a Gilera Macho 0 km and after that an Italian Gilera 300 cc , according the papers it is 57 model .



I always wanted my motorcycle works better and this "300" started to mutate . The first thing was te dynamo which was tired of working , the fourth alternator that I has installed is the one that has today with its tyristor voltage regulator , all made by myself .

The following was the camshaft , it was modified but with such bad luck , when I check the values of degrees whit comparator didn't match with what they had told me , with diferences of more than 5º in general . The engine worked , but with a fuel comsumption of a 600 cc (Fiat) .

I logically increased the compression into 9:1 according to the fuel at that time .

To stop it , as the engine was obviously another , I installed a brake kit "Doppler" , the best in those days .

I bought two Mikuni of 26 mm of diameter and i installed them .

I obtain the cilinder heads of the national 300 , in a bargain and i also adapted them with its inverted camshaft . The temperature did not drop much , then i resorted to the installation of a radiator of a "2CV" with bad results .

The brake disk finally destroyed the original fork and i installed a "Marzocci" thet equiped the "Sapucai" with great success .

After being kept and without being used for more than two lustrum , i decided to use it so i reassembled it .



I was tired of kick it for the new timming and i designed an electric starter with free wheel system of Chevrolet 400 and i instaled it with gear of my feature , it is a pleasure start just sit on it .



I modified the camshaft i made a "Taranto-Milano" on the lathe with fine file and comparator , before that i asked at Gilera Arg. contact (Pepon) who nicely guided me and give me good pieces of advice



The engine was better , it had more revolutions , and the most important , whit the calculation and shapely of two new needles for the Mikuni , the consumption was logical .



Reading some articles by the journalist Juan Von Martin in a periodic magazin of motorcycling , my blood started to boil , the classic "Quattro" of half a litre , were before my eyes and with a wealth of details as i had seen when i was a little boy.

There was the OPRA of 1928 by the eng. Giannini , Remor and Taruffi , the CNA Rondine of 1935 "Quattro" with double camshaft in the front and compressor . And the maximum ; the 500 four with its distribution done with straight gears .

This mived my deeply inside , and the challenge of update my 300 suddenly appeared , with this influences and also with the influence of the milanese eng. Vicenzo Piatti , Ettore Bugatti collaborator , and his concepts of squish surface and rolled up admission .

The question i asked to myself was wich's the difference between the engine of my 300 and a modern engine , mecanically speaking , obviously the differences were in their cylinder heads .

The firsts drawings i made when i decided work on this , mainteined the original camshaft and rods , they changed the arrangement of the valves and the rockets with their lubrication .



Until i realized and by solidity , inertias , and precission , the double over head camshafts was the other option to follow . The work that it would take was bigger , above all the control of distribution which following the recommendation of a friend , had to be straights gears as the 500 four with it metallic sound that it would have . Due to conveniences and for economical reasons ; valves , botators , handlebars , springs and valve seats are from cars.

I make the draws ,



I built the wood models ,



I sent to cast ,



I machined the parts .



I built the gears .



I filed the cast without mercy and cut the two front bars because they interfered with the exhausts .



I found in one of my walks to Warnes Avenue some needles bearings that no exists in my bearings manuals and they were perfect for my connecting rods , so i buoght two . As the bearings had the same external diameter  as the original connecting rods , i had no option , pencil and calculator in hand i designed the new connecting rods and with an ideal nickel-chrome steel , i machined them .



With an electronic scale and a wooden device that i made , i balanced the crankshaft assembly connecting rods and pistons .



From then on i started with the assembling of the puzzle .




The day of the set it in motion i arranged to meet two close bike's lover and at the third kick touch , started one cylinder and the instantly second one , the other , it was all cold .

The uncertain turned into happiness and a bottle of "Chandon" crowned the evening.

The ignition has a condenser discharg system that it is firing by two small tongues adapted to the original platinum system , with the modified adjusment , all of them made by myself and with an commercial captor .



Of course , after that , the matter was stop the bike fast and safety . I propouse myself to fit a double disc brake forward and single disc brake rear . With pencil and paper at hand , i design a caliper what it look to me simple , safe and low maintenance cost , that use standard parts . It cames out an strong double action caliper wich friction pads were easy to get or find .

From a piece of wood i prepare the casting models , and sent it for cast .

After machine it , and install the three .



The wheels hubs were prepared to receive the disk wich i made directly from a steel plate cut disks , make it lighter and mount in place .



Now the brake is even smooth and much more efective . The rear brake , if i press too much , the wheel blocks .



As The worm was still beating me and to profit the idles hours i had to options : one an old dream i have , is to design and built a four cylinders engine for a bike profiting the know how i got before , or develop an multipoint electronic injection system as per my own idea .

After a while i make the choice for injection system , th is would be a way to put a gold pin on the actualization of my beloved "Gilera 300 Agiorno" , also can be a good help for th ose who like to install such at a bike or a car .

With some ideas that were already turn at my brain , some discrets electronics components and with the help of a protoboard , start doing some tests monitored by the osciloscope . Bought a couple of Bosch injectors and when the proper permanence times were find out . After design the circuits and teste everything at the protoboard , i start building the electronic control board . Pass the circuits to the coopered plate , trate with perchloride and pierce and mount the components .

After stop with the electronic .



For replace the carburators , two nozzles holders assembled together were built a shaft for mount the brass disks which will be the buterflies altogether with the limits for ralenti and fullopen . The ralenti system was arranged independent at each nozzle duct for do sepparate cylinder adjustment .



The common rail follows and at one side acted with the butterflies shaft a set of cams and adjustables microswitchs , were installed this alloud me to buildup the more convenient curve for the engine reaction , all was pretty brassed with silver by myself  , with the help of an small oxiacetylene toch that i have .

Like that a total variable TPS was achieved , it looks nite although rare , but the man stays happy .

I let pass some time , the creature was running so good with the Mikunis !



But one day i put the guts and the heart too and pull out the carbs , here start my long injection trip .

Mount the gasoline pump , the pressure limit valve , the filters , nozzle holders print boards , temperature sensor and do the wiring that must be independant and complete detachable module .

At that time with everything in place i was only at the halfway , now cames the start and make it works properly , like the system is completely adjustable by presets , to find out the set points was a hard work . I use everything i'd at hand : from the oscilloscope to smell sense , for detect excess or shorteness of gas , look out and put back the spark plugs tenths of times to look the colour .



At the end after three days of tests i sucseed to make her start and idle more or less normal , the soule back to my body .



After a week starts and idle at the first touch and the rpms mounts easily and fast , with just touch the throtle .

I put her at the street and went to visit the friends that always back me .

From Warnes to Mataderos , from Mataderos to San Justo and from there back home .



I felt the diference with the carbs , the start is inmediat and the aceleration is amazing !!!

Its stills to make it nite the installation and use it .

Now i believe , the carburators are like the steam engine , efective but overpassed .





Is so reconfortable the feeling that your machine is running much better , that push more !

But of course there exists the "gravity law" , to make it clear , if you have to transmit more power , the transmition must to be stronger .

I start feeling a curious noise when the engine was idle and shift desengaged , looks like something was touching inside when should not , this was very unpleasant for me and start feeling somes stomach pains about , but i was standing it because the only reason is that the machine was running so good . Until arrives one day that i couldn't stand it any more .

Just did this mental calculation : "Il Comendattore" had declare at its time that my little rod erogates some 12.5 cv at 5800 rpms , and now measured whit an external digital tachometer was reaching the 9600 rpms .

Obviously there are not more 12,5 cv , there are some more and the original transmision was complaining about .



I make the decision to improve the mechanism of the shifting system at the gear box , paper and pencil , goniometer and caliper , i start to designning a new mechanism more direct and stiff , but without change too much the original system .

The gears were strong enough , like for a 500 or 600 .



The change consist in replace the original small brass levers , tireless fountain of unwanted excesives backlashes and early worms out . Like this two shifts may engage at the same time ending in a dessaster or jump out some shift , normally the 2º or 3º gears , but always announcing it , with the particular noise like not proper engaged .

I'd put in place two fix rectified pins , like sliders and two corresponding sliding bushes , where to be placed the new forks and the followers fingers , completely adjustable .




The shapely of the new selector cams was very tedious , had to keep the original sweeping angles but with the double of displacement and the final arrival point , transporting everything to the steel with precision .




Obviously , i couldn't rid out of the panic that produces such important mechanical modification , but after passed the firsts turns around the block in 1st , after shifting up and down between 1st and 2st take the avenue , engages the 3rd and 4th with the usual shift down , the smile arrive to my face and the relax came over .

After many permanent hot rides the stomach unpleasents went off .



No dudes en llamarme por telefono o por mail , si se te ocurre algo que no te guste o que te parezca bien , pero pueda ser mejorable .

Me dedico no solo a mis motos sino tambien puedo hacer lo que necesites para tu máquina , mi taller esta en mi casa .


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